Monday, 6 June 2011

The Bhartiya Nari in me.......

It was the day of  all-cousins get together, when I decided to put my culinary skills to good use. I decided to leave out my uncles and aunts because just the cousins added up to little above 20..the entire family would mean just about 50 or so. That would be too much of an effort just to prove my culinary prowess.

I was starved of some well deserved compliments for my culinary talent from my better half (by the way he can't make tea, he can't tell one Dal from another, can't differenciate between salt and sugar, can't cook rice...Phew!! the list is never ending). He believed that criticism makes a woman's culinary skills perfect.  So there was always some fine inputs like ` I think this should have had little more salt, sugar or pepper or may be some tamarind'. Having to hear this from somebody who knew nothing about cooking used to make me go..... GRRRRRRR!!!!   

I decided I would make something really exotic.  According to my nephew I cook the same gisa-peeta `Dahi Aloo' and `Maa ki Dal'.  He said Usha chitti `Make something different.' I took the challenge and went in search of some on-line recipes.  Gosh...I never realised there were some million recipes online. We `phattars' (other name of Tamilian Iyers) being pure vegetarians, the search narrowed down to half a million recipes. 

Finally I zeroed down to Malai Kofta Curry, Rajma Curry, Saffron Rice, Roti, some boiled Groundnuts in Chat style for starters.  I decided i would save myself the effort of making desserts.  I promptly asked my hubby to purchase `Kulfi' for dessert. 

I was all set for Sunday, June 5th.  I told myself I will wake up, have a cup of filter coffee and start on my culinary journey. The morning started off on an explosive note!!! The worst that could happen to somebody in this world where you could do away with your hubby for a while but A MAID......NAH! NO WAY...IMPOSSIBLE!!.  My maid wasn't coming that day. I was like `HOLY SHIT!. I am done for.' I still decided to have my filter coffee as planned and my senses calmed down a bit.  That morning cuppa gave me my inspiration.  A maid is not going to decide whether to go ahead or cancel my little party.  Feeling every bit like `Rani Laxmi Bhai' charging at her enemies I was all charged up and started churning out my exotic recipes......

Finally after about 3 hrs of toiling I finished preparing everything except rice and few other knick-knacks.  I didn't dare to taste any of them.  Decided to quitely lie down for a while and then start off with the last minute finishing touches. I was finally finished well before the scheduled time and had a lot of time to groom myself. Having achieved all of this without any help from this all-encompassing-force in the life of a home maker.....A MAID... I was super thrilled and it made my effort even more worthy of appreciation.

The jing-bang arrived.  Everybody including me binged on the Murukku, chakli, groundnuts, sev, chana etc for starters. It was finally time for the main course.  I reheated the food and proudly displayed them on the table.  I waited with bated breath.  Then it slowly started pouring in.  Usha ...this is good...this is damn on and so forth. Of course my nephew too chipped in with his fair share of compliments.  After a while I thought may be it was their love for me. But when the utensils were wiped clean of every morsel of food I was starting to get convinced...May was good.

Then came the final verdict...`Usha, the food was lovely'.  A compliment from the horses mouth was music to my ears. I slept peacefully commending myself for all my efforts....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Man, Woman and her.....

Just finished watching the marathon episode of `Balika Vadhu' (thats the only serial on idiot box that holds my interest!).  Right now the storyline revolves around lost love or you could say `new-found love'. An episode on the idiot box  being the topic of discussion sounds a little absurd, LS (low Society) and very auntiish! It holds a lot of meaning to me because its a reflection of my life.. which was..... 

As for the happiness quotient I have a fair share of it but being human I still feel deprived of something that is solely mine! I guess its every woman's desire to be one and only and I am not any different. Guess its with every woman ....cant accept her spouse's friendship with the opposite sex...and anything beyond that would be murder.  In this day and age I have met quite a lot of them who cant bear their husbands being affectionate to their sisters or their mother (the logic that he was born with her or brought up by her totally misses their attention) !!

Yes, I live in this age and I consider myself very broadminded and am nothing like what I described about the so-called present generation girls who have problems with their husband's friendship or his bonding with his mother or sister. But here I was faced with a strange situation and have gone through marathon session of introspections and debates with self, with spouse and with other's who matter to me.

After a point we realise we have few choices in life and in some cases only either go all the way or snap it off... I chose the former! For a while I told myself its for my two kids who are my lifeline and then at some point the realisation struck me that this was just an excuse I gave myself. I just could not stop loving this man!!! Its absurd. Ain't it? Haven't you heard people say `Love is strange.' Its immaterial how educated, literate or progressive you are....there are some things where you feel you have absolutely no control.  Life just takes over and you are just left watching.

My sister is my greatest pal and my emotional punch bag. She is also my counsellor, my well wisher and of course the greatest shrink in this Universe (for me!!).  After my parents its her. If I have come this far with my sanity in place its all thanks to this angel in my life.

Its been ten years now, my life has seen all kinds of ups and downs and there are many occasions when memory hurts but there is something within you which tells isn't so bad and after this it can only get better. 

I am waiting for that turn.....